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“An expat’s handbook to Stockholm”

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Before you move to Stockholm (continued)

Get acquainted with the terminology:
1) Personummer = personal number

This is the Swedish social insurance number. It is the holy grail to getting your life set up in Sweden. Without this number, you will not be able to get a Swedish bank account, go to the doctor’s office, or apply for jobs (assuming you didn’t come with a job).

Here’s how you get one

2) Mobile bank ID

When you are shopping online in Sweden, it is not enough to just enter your credit card details.

You are expected to login through your mobile bank ID or using a card reader (if on your computer). To get this, again the key is having a personummer. You must also download the “Mobile Bank ID” application onto your phone.

3) SFI = Swedish for immigrants

This is a free course that you can take to learn Swedish. Classes vary in quality and there are several different companies who offer this, Hermods being the largest. While many immigrants complain about the quality of SFI, it is a good introduction to Swedish and you will meet many other people there in similar situations – those new to Sweden. Who doesn’t want friends when they have just moved somewhere?

4) SL or T-bana – this refers to the Stockholm subway system.

You will hear people refer to the map by colour.
Red line
Green line
Blue line

There are key places that are connections between the lines: Slussen, Gamla Stan and CentralStation.

5) Fika = this means coffee, often with something sweet

6) Systembolaget aka systemet

This is the Swedish alcohol monopoly

7) ICA (ee-ka), Coop (rhymes with “poop”), and Hemkop (hem-shop)

These are the most common grocery stores

8) Pressbyran

Convenience store, like 7/11

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