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Moving to a new country is tough. On top of a new language, there’s new people and new customs. With so many things to navigate through, and the lack of support from friends and family, many people feel overwhelmed. Moving to Stockholm was not my first ex-pat experience, and thus, I didn’t think it would be so hard.

I was very wrong.

After speaking to many expats, I quickly learned moving to Stockholm was difficult not just for me, but for everyone. I will preface this by saying I love Sweden. I think it’s a great country that does many things right. However, every immigrant I have met has had the same complaints: how complicated the whole situation is.

The goal of this blog is to make sure you can learn from our mistakes. Stockholm is great, but it will be better if you properly prepare yourself.

Brace yourself! Here are the toughest things about moving to Stockholm.

  1. Finding an apartment.
  2. Finding friends.
  3. Staying sane.

This blog hopes to help you navigate through what to do, in each stage of your move. Learn from us!

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