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Moving to a new country is tough. On top of a new language, there’s new people and new customs. With so many things to navigate through, and the lack of support from friends and family, many people feel overwhelmed. Moving to Stockholm was not my first ex-pat experience, and thus, I didn’t think it would […]

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Before you move. Apartments

So, you’ve decided to move to Stockholm. Great, it’s a beautiful city. There are things you should do before you move. Here’s our guide on what you need to do to prepare yourself before you land in Stockholm:. First and foremost: begin looking for apartments! Finding apartments in Stockholm is tough. In other countries I […]

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Before you move to Stockholm (continued)

Get acquainted with the terminology: 1) Personummer = personal number This is the Swedish social insurance number. It is the holy grail to getting your life set up in Sweden. Without this number, you will not be able to get a Swedish bank account, go to the doctor’s office, or apply for jobs (assuming you […]

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